Purpose of an Inspection

Whether new or previously owned,
a home inspection
will help you to:

Determine if any health or safety issues are present

Determine if major repairs are necessary

Identify a liability that could cost you when you go to sell

Support our Troops

Buyer's Edge Inspection company

10 Steps to Choosing a Good Home Inspector...

  1. Certification - Is the inspector certified by the State of Arizona, Board of Technical Registration? Arizona inspectors are required to be certified. You can call BTR at (602) 364-4930 and find out.
  2. Time in business - How long has the inspector been in business? If the inspector is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau will tell you.
  3. Inspections completed - How many inspections for fee has the inspector completed? More inspections equal more experience.
  4. Insurance - What kind of insurance does the inspector carry? State requirement is a $25,000.00 bond. Is that enough when the average home costs a quarter of a million dollars?
  5. Inspections per day - How many inspections doe the inspector normally do in a day? Can an inspector who does five a day do the same quality job as the inspector who will only schedule two?
  6. Sample report - Ask for a sample report. If you can’t understand it, what good is it? If it has sketchy information or appears hastily composed, it might be indicative of the kind of inspection performed.
  7. Pre-inspection agreement - Ask for and read the inspector’s pre-inspection agreement. All inspectors are required to have one. If the inspection limits liability to the cost of the fee, find another inspector.
  8. Specialized tools - What specialized tools does the inspector use? Infrared thermometers, moisture meters, digital photography and infrared cameras cost a lot of money and are necessary to perform a quality inspection. Anyone can carry a flashlight, screw driver and clip board.
  9. References - A successful and competent inspector will be ready to give you all the references you want.
  10. Price - The last consideration should be the price of the inspection. Perspective requires that you know all the answers to the information above before you can judge if the price is fair. Typically, the cost of a good inspection represents less than 1/10th of 1% of the home purchase price.

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